About Ali J

Our Story

We come from different backgrounds.  We were born in different years…decades even.  We are Moms.  We are women who have fought many battles… internal and external.  We are focused on one goal.

You see, the dressing room is often viewed as a battle field.  We know this- we aren’t denying it.  What we do know, however, after working with thousands of women over 16 years, is that mini victories can be won if you have the right mindset and people in your corner.  

We are your people.  

We will gently challenge those negative perceptions because the truth is… we have never seen a single woman identical to another.  Each body is a masterpiece.  Every woman was created in the image of a marvelous God and radiates his fingerprints.  

And that, my friends, is a truly beautiful thing indeed.  


The Ali J Story...

(the short version of the story) 😉 Back in 2008, I was a stay-at-home Mama of 2 babes and 1 on the way. I desired community with women… and to make a bit of money for a weekend vacation. Mary Kay? Pampered Chef? Maybe…. My jet-setting Sister came home from a whirlwind vacation to NYC and brought me scarves she bought on the street corner. I wore them. I received compliments. EUREKA! I took our $300 savings and bought a box of scarves from NY, set up at a local coffee shop and sold scarves, booked home parties. I chose the name Ali J Boutique to put a personalized touch, even though I’d never gone by Ali before. I quickly realized the key to my scarf business: teaching women how to tie them. In 2011 I opened the retail store in New London, MN. 3 moves and many lessons learned later, we now serve thousands of women per year and have Personal Styling services. It’s been quite the ride! I now go by Ali (and Alison). I still teach women about style every day. And every now and then, I get called by a name I fondly claim as well: Scarf Lady.