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Our Mission:

We hear this again and again from women. While it sounds practical and like a smart incentive, there's usually a tone of self-defeating talk behind it. Subconsciously, you're telling yourself you're not worthy in your own skin today... that something is wrong with you in this moment. And that is NOT TRUE.

Here's the reality:

Did you go out in your Bday Suit today because you don't like your body? No. You still got dressed, right?

And how did you feel about what you wore and how it made you look? Confident? Maybe. But for most women, the answer is still no. And that's why we are here.

We teach women to wear their worthiness.

That means being happy with you today. Sure, we are big fans of planning for tomorrow and having goals but once again, you're going to have to get dressed before tomorrow comes. And here's the secret:

When you feel confident in how you look today, it will transcend into the rest of your life today and tomorrow. Being confident gives you motivation. It fuels the assurance that you can succeed. It's telling the universe that you are serious and doors will open. It's like Newton's Law, once you are in motion you will be a harder force to stop. It will help you stick to your plan or maybe cause you develop new plans you are content with. You may uncover a new sense of self and acceptance over time.

Now don't get us wrong, we're not telling you to just to buy new clothes and you'll immediately love yourself. That sort of shallow shopping experience ends when you pop the tag. Instead we're telling you to go deeper into a personal style learning process and it can begin as early as today. Discover what looks flatter you now and wear those. You can pin down your style personality and discover how to shop smarter for pieces you'll still love tomorrow. You can uncover your personal brand and use it to guide you. We're here with you to teach these things and if you happen to need new clothing, well we do that too.

It's what makes Ali J Boutique different. We provide these levels of learning. Step into our store and a stylist will make suggestions for your dressing room, or schedule a time for our in-store style workshop (held the first Saturday of every month) to go deeper, or Master your style as an Ali J VIP.

So today, get dressed. Love what you wear and how you wear it. You are worthy of confidence this moment... and tomorrow too.