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Ali J Boutique: styling for Midlife Women who vow they won’t lose their groove.

We carry complete outfits for the Midlife Woman in sizes Small-3XL.

Dressing for your Midlife is so much less about the pieces….than HOW you put them together.


Mixing prints, popping on a statement necklace, adding “just one more thing” are the trademarks of a Contemporary Style Personality.  Often seen as the trend-setter.


Elevated casual.  A bit of edge.  Athleisure with character.  All of these fall under the umbrella of our Cool Girl Style Personality.  


Perhaps the most prevalent (and understood) Style Personality, the Classic tends to take backstage.  However, when pulled together with a boutique touch, Classics are far from ordinary.  


A good dose of texture mixing and a southwest vibe make this style personality super eye-catching!  


Classic + Contemporary = Classico.  This style personality is mostly streamlined with a subtle pop of interest!

midlife is a 


Sure, if we were going by age, “midlife” is technically 30-60 years old.  However, we have recognized those who identify as “midlife” are more often in this shift of life:
From asking to directing.  From continuously caring for others to taking a bit of time for yourself.  From feeling in a slump to getting that GROOVE back.

These are our people.  This is our goal.

Custom Styling

If we’ve nailed your style and needs…and you’ve always wondered what it would be like to work 1:1 with a Style Professional, then you may be a fit for Worthiness Styling!

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