Anisa's Mini "Handbook of Tricks" for Petite Friends!

Anisa's Mini "Handbook of Tricks" for Petite Friends!

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Here's the proof that there is πŸ’₯POWERπŸ’₯ in Styling your clothes vs just Wearing them!

Being 4'10", {4'11" on a good day 😏}, the struggle to find clothes that actually "fit" is a STRUGGLE.

That's where learning how to finesse with a tuck here & cuff there makes a world 🌎 of a difference!

So here is my mini "Handbook of Tricks" πŸ“— for other Petite Friends! πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ
πŸ‘š TOPS: You know those arms you feel like you're swimming 🌊 in?? Yeah, same. Cuffing is inevitable ... BUT, take advantage of it! It allows you to show off some wrist candy {aka fun bracelets & watches ⌚️} & draws the eye rather than looking like you're being swallowed up!
πŸ‘— DRESSES: Speaking of being swallowed up - the oodles and oodles of fabric that come with dresses can feel like we're living in a ⛺️. This is where we take advantage of the current trends ... a favorite of mine being the "midi-dress" trend! They make for the most brilliant maxi dresses on us & often come with elastic cuffs that can be pushed up to create a sweet 3/4 flouncy sleeve.
πŸ‘– PANTS: Another trend to take advantage of the "ankle length" or crop trend while it's here! They make the *perfect* full-length pants for us & can simply be cuffed to create that crop look for us as well. Too long of pants ... no more! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Let me know if you try out a few of these tricks πŸ“ - & if they give you a little extra boost of confidence - I'd love to see a picture of you with them in action below! ⬇️
xx - Anisa 😘


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