Believe it or not….you DO have one!  We act as Guides to reveal your true style.  Find out which Style Service is right for you: 

Our Specialties

After working with thousands of women, we have identified 3 areas of education that truly empower women to live their best style life: 

Style Personality

This is the key test to take you from questioning, “Can I wear this?” to declaring, “This is ME!”

Season Swatch

The Ali J proprietary Color Analysis program.  There are 12 of them- where do you land?    

True Fruit Test

Are you an Apple or a Pear?  We find that 85% of women are Apples…but 15% of those believe they are Pears.  

Knowing your True Fruit allows you to shop anywhere- and pull into the dressing room ideal pieces for your shape…so you stop blaming your body and start claiming your style!

We Believe…

How we view personal style for the Midlife Woman.