Secret Season Swatch Soirée" />

Secret Season Swatch Soirée

$ 129.00 $ 50.00

 Join us Tuesday, June 18th at 5:15 for this exclusive event. 

You will receive our full analysis of your skin tone and have a 1:1 session with a Stylist to fully understand the nuances of your color swatches.  Not only that, but we will share how to mix and match these tones, which neutrals will be wonderful for you, which lipstick shade for everyday as well as when you want to go bold. We will also take you through the shop using our mannequins to show you how to craft a fabulous outfit for your newfound Season.  You will receive tools to take with you for your swatch as well.

There will be food and beverage of course 😊and as an added bonus (because we really love this art form too), we will analyze your face shape and you will get a resource on the shape of glasses and sunglasses you should rock.