WE get personal...

even at a distance.

Our Worthiness Styling Services can be done from a distance- we will guide you to a high-touch relationship.

"Love my Cardigan I ordered!!! they were so helpful and easy to order through the phone! Not to mention very efficient mailing my package arrived in no time! Thanks for all your help will be ordering again and recommend to everyone!"  -Mackenzie 

Step 1

Meet your Stylist!

Up front Styling Fee: $97 annually (You can fulfill your payment here)

Your Stylist will send a Welcome Box with a tape measure and a special gift.  After you receive your box, move on to step 2. 

Step 2

First Session with your Stylist: Discovery.  

Your Stylist will contact you via text and set up a time that works for you.  She will use this first session to get to know you, do our Signature Styling Analysis, and even show you a few pieces on the spot!

Step 3

Second session and all further sessions will be tailored to you!  

Your Stylist will have outfits prepped and ready for each session.  In real time, you will go through each item together.  You are encouraged to ask questions as your Stylist gives you tips and tricks to add them to your Wardrobe. 

Let us be your best-kept style secret from afar!

Our Virtual Style session is technically the Worthiness Styling: Gold option.  You tap into monthly sessions, Stylist Gifts, the Season Swatch Analysis, and all the Silver options as well.  

As you aren't able to meet with us in person, we offer a discount on the Gold level for our Clients at a distance: 

$197 $97