At Ali J Boutique, we teach women to wear their worthiness.

We are a fast-paced company with a deep desire to create a safe place for all team members and the women we serve.  We despise unnecessary drama and we maintain an environment free of ego.  We serve diligently, and we put in extra time to be sure the business has success every day.  

We are aiming to be the go-to boutique for women who need help with their style, but also love maintaining their power to choose.  We believe in this individuality.

We are seeking people with the ultimate desire to bring our worthiness project to the masses- which is a difficult and at times, exhausting task.  We cherish tenacity and discipline.  

Together, we can reach a  grand community of women to serve with this mission.  We can reveal the innate beauty in every woman.


Position Opportunity:  Ali J Boutique Stylist

At Ali J Boutique, we center our service around personal styling.  Whether a client has booked an appointment for our Discover You session (involving color tone analysis, body proportion analysis, and style personality), or if they are stopping in for the first time and say, “dress me”, our Stylists are not only up to the challenge, but excel at it.   

We are seeking a person who is completely driven by serving women in the shop day in, day out, and who continually brings to the table client feedback and potential solutions for growth.

The Work

(Big 3)

  • Sales.  Hit sales marks and be forward thinking: in down times, bring ideas for sales boosts to the table.
  • Merchandising.  The whole product journey from receiving to pricing to shipping.  Efficiency and organization is key. Continually keep the shop not only tidy, but pleasing to the eye, accessible, and bringing new ideas in color tone and shape to the customer
  • Social media.  Working with the content team, taking photos of product and putting on facebook, instagram, and other potential mediums (blogs, video)  

Daily Execution Excellence

  • Come to work with a positive outlook, ready to love on women.
  • Making and completing your own list of tasks to complete amongst spurts of business and/or appointments
  • Together as a team, we will be planning and implementing events, of which you will be an active team member
  • You will respond to facebook and email questions and concerns in a kind, genuine way as related to our brand voice.   

One Year and Beyond

The path to progression in this job role includes consistently hitting Big 3 goals, sales goals, as well as client retention and satisfaction.  We are seeking a career oriented team member who sees this as an opportunity to make a big impact on the women served, and is looking for a long term, fulfilling, and positive place of employment.    


A natural knack for outfit creation, sizing, and a willingness to stop and listen to the customer is an absolute must.  

Social media skills are necessary, including an eye for taking photos (using iPhone), product layout for photos, instagram, hashtags, short copy, and software that can schedule out social posts (such as hootsuite).  Going “live” on facebook and being positive about participating in and/or directing videos is also a must.  

Our main clientele is a woman in her 30’s-60’s who wants to look current, classy, and put together.  She appreciates modesty and movement in her pieces.  Applicants for this position should also desire to dress in this way (applicant’s age is not a factor).  

This is a full-time salaried position. Must be available to work 2-3 saturdays a month. We are open 10 am  to 5 pm, so you would rarely have to work evenings. We offer unlimited PTO (in accordance with our Fit for Four Policy- inquire at time of interview if applicable) and a competitive salary.

If this sounds like you, and you are ready for a career where you can help build a business and further a Ministry, please use this link below to apply and upload your resume.