Senior Pictures - How to Love Your Outfit Choice Years Later


We get the privilege of being part of Senior pictures as young women come shopping for their outfits. While we’re great at helping women dress to flatter their body and play up on style, there’s a few things the professional photographers will want to be sure are considered too. After all, they want you to adore your pictures for years to come.

So I asked Heidi Duke-Wuertz, owner of HMD Photography about her advice. She helped us layout the following thoughts on Senior photo sessions:

Before your photo shoot date arrives ask for a consultation session if your photographer hasn’t already included this. This will give you time to review your background, location and discuss the finished product you are after. At this time, you should review your clothing together too. So first you can start shopping with us armed with this knowledge:

White: Definitely a classic color but it may not be best for outdoors as posing without getting dirty could be limiting. White can also be challenging for outdoor lighting and will be the first thing the eye is drawn to in the picture. If you like white, consider adding layers of other colors with it. If you are drawn to lighter colors, light pink or a mint can be beautiful choices.

Colors: Darker colors tend to be the sweet spot of choices as they are especially helpful in close ups. There is the typical neutral gray or black, but olive is a long time neutral friend too. Add even more of a color pop by finding a warm or cool tone to compliment your skin. Colors can be your friend and help add your personality.

Neons: Avoid. Too bright of color can reflect onto the face and body and you don’t want to be construction yellow or fever pink. If these are colors you love, perhaps we can incorporate them into your accessories. Accessories can completely change a look.

Patterns: These can work well and give you some additional personality pizzaz. Consider the background you’ll be in and how they play together. For example flannels could be perfect for outdoors. A smaller print is recommended over larger. Avoid big polka dots and chevron patterns as they will compete for attention over your face. Feel free to mix and match smaller patterns. We love stripes with florals

Skin: This comes down to a personal choice and your own comfort level on how much skin you’ll decide to show. When in doubt, it’s best to cover it up. Not all sleeveless styles are flattering for everyone. Try adding a scarf or chambray and it may give you something more to play off of in your posing. Depending on your height and where it hits, you may want to rethink shorts or a shorter dress. Ask us about our lace extenders, basically like a slip under your dress to give you some length and add some flow to your movement. And that begs our next point, don’t forget to address proper undergarments if you need more support or coverage as this will be noticeable too.

Accessories: Do these! Accessories are wonderful additions! Consider using them as fun things to play with and create more interest in the photo; such as tipping a hat down, twirling a necklace with your fingers or peaking over the top of the sunglasses. Of course we have all these great things for you here at Ali J to incorporate into that outfit. Plus the shoes!

And lastly but MOST importantly - Don’t be someone you’re not in these pictures. Whatever you choose, it should make you feel good, because that will automatically make you look good too. This is your special moment to shine and Lovely, you are worthy!