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How do you decide on prices?

We take careful consideration when deciding which price an item should be at. There is no ‘get rich’ formula. Well- if there is we don’t use it. The first thing to think about is how much the item costs for us to get it in. We will look at the price, quality, and which unique features the item has to offer. Taking that all into consideration we decide on a price. Again- it is not a magic formula like doubling the cost. It is something that we feel is a genuine great price for the item based on what it has to offer our customers and clients.

Why can’t I return an item for a full refund?

Our return policy has been carefully thought out to create the best shopping experience and to provide the best quality product for each customer that shops with us. Our policy is that within 14 days of the purchase date you may return unwashed, unworn, odor-free items with tags attached and a receipt in exchange for store credit. This is the way that creates the best experience because we do not want someone returning clothing that they have worn- in turn someone else would purchase what would essentially be secondhand clothing. Also if people wear items and return them there could be defects to the clothing as well. The second factor to consider is the fact that if you buy a tank-top in July and then want to return in August we are in a completely different season for clothing and it is likely that we would not sell that item out of season. The last factor to consider is the fact that we are a small boutique. We do not have as much inventory or sell as much as say, Target- so if we returned every item for full refund and it was worn or it was out of season the business would essentially be losing money- money that could be used to get in new items for all of you!

Why can’t I return after 14 days?

The reason we do not accept returns after 14 days is the fact that after 14 days we likely do not have that item any longer in store. Also if you are waiting months to return an item that has been sitting in your house or car you might be trying to return it in a completely different season. When clothing is accepted as a return out of season we likely will not sell it. So basically that is profit loss for the business which would have been spent on purchasing new product. If we did this every time someone wanted to return something they changed their mind about we would not have enough funds to purchase new product to keep our showroom fresh and unique.

Why do I need a receipt to return?

If you take a look at the bottom of your receipt from Ali J Boutique you will notice a small bar-code. This is essentially how the computer registers your purchase. It does not keep records of purchases so we cannot just look up your purchase from a previous day. The only want to pull up a specific purchase is by scanning the barcode at the bottom of the slip. So if you are coming into the shop there is no way that our system would let us do an exchange of funds without first looking up the transaction- making it impossible to return without your receipt.

Is there a fee to work with Stylists?

We do offer specific services that allow you to work one-on-one with a stylist- and yes there is a fee to do so. However, at any point you are welcome to stop into the shop and work with the stylist on duty. You just will not get one-on-one attention that you might be wanting. Also keep in mind that the stylist has other duties throughout the day such as getting new product out and helping other customers so her availability to style you intensely is not always guaranteed.

How to dress a petite body?

When you are petite, cut and fit of items really does make a difference. If you are wearing something super flowy it might over-take your body and make you appear larger than you really are or make you look not that put-together. A trick is to belt flowy items so they still show that you have shape. Avoid anything with long lengths that cut about mid calf- this could make you look really cut off. And lastly, just try, try, and try- things that might be tops on one lady could be a cute tunic on you!

How to dress a curvy body?

The best advice I can give someone is that the bigger and more flowy the item does not necessarily mean it looks the best. Actually it is quite the opposite. I think some women might feel ashamed about being curvy- instead of owning it. So their natural response is to try to cover their body. When you put something really large on, the woman gets lost in all of the fabric and it essentially makes them appear larger than they really are. The best rule of thumb is to go for a little flow so you feel comfortable but to avoid a lot of free-flowing fabrics that might overtake the body.

How to dress a tall body?

If you are a tall girl you might really struggle with finding clothing that is long enough in the arms as well as long enough in the length. The best advice we can give gals is to just try things! If something is a dress on a petite gal it is going to be a super cute tunic or top on you- and that is okay. The good thing about shopping here is that all of our stylists know the clothing that we have on hand and could give you a good selection of things that would work for you and your body type.

What to wear to a wedding?

When going to a wedding the first thing to consider is the style of the bride and groom. If they are more casual people then chances are their wedding will be a casual affair. The second thing to consider is the venue. If the venue is a mansion in the largest city in your state then you can bet it is likely to be a black tie affair. If the venue is more of a backyard wedding you could probably get away with wearing something casual. These two things are going to be really great hints at what you should wear. In doubt? We help gals find outfits for weddings all the time.

What to wear for graduation?

Are you graduating from high school or college? The best advice we can give these girls as to what to wear for the big day is to keep it classic and classy. You want to be able to look back on the photographs years later and still look timeless- almost Audrey Hepburn timeless. Your school and the type of ceremony that is held does play a big factor into how dressy you should be as well. Don’t worry- we help girls find things for their graduation all of the time and we’ve got you covered.

How should the mother of the bride/groom dress?

The first two things to think about is the personal style of the bride and groom. Are they dressier type of people or are they more casual? Chances are if the bride is more of a dressed up type of gal- she envisions her wedding being the same. The second thing to think about is where they will be having their wedding. If it's a backyard wedding it is likely more casual than one that may be held at a local church. The last thing to think about is the theme of the wedding. Is it a black tie affair? Is it shabby-chic? Those all play factors into what you should wear. Also which colors are the bride and groom have choosing for their wedding? Still not sure about what to wear? Ask the bride! Maybe make a day of shopping together to help you find the perfect outfit for the wedding.

What do I  wear for pictures?

We always tell gals that stop into the shop to go for a timeless look that will look great in the pictures even years to come. What this means is to go for classy and classic rather than trendy. We also tell people to avoid all wearing the exact same color. If you are taking family pictures it’s best if you all do not try to wear Merlot colored tops. Why? Because all of your torsos will blend in with each other and secondly you are never going to be able to match the color exactly with each top. We suggest that if you are deciding on wearing a merlot top for the pictures your other family members should choose great accent colors- or maybe even a plaid that has a hint of merlot throughout it. It looks coordinated while still creating a unique vibe that you will love.

How do I  wear a blanket scarf?

Often times gals stop into the shop and see the beautiful blanket scarves but don’t think they can pull them off. They are so wrong! They just look way more intimidating than they really are. Here are two simple ways to wear a classic square blanket scarf:

How do I wear scarves?

Are you a lady that loves the look of scarves but you’re not quite sure how to wear them? That is okay. You are for surely not alone. Check out any number of our videos here to see some fun and easy ways you can wear scarves!

Does Navy and Black match?

We get this question all the time. Actually it is more of a statement like “I can’t wear those colors together.” Well ladies, two words- mixing neutrals. It is the new thing. Yes you can wear those colors together and are encouraged to mix your neutrals of all shades to create a look that has interest. Anything goes. If you want to wear navy blue tights with your black floral dress you can do that and guess what? No one will say that it doesn’t match. In fact you might get compliments on your look but people might not know how you did it exactly. Don’t listen to what your mother told you about fashion from years prior- because it is constantly changing and we encourage you to be you!

Can I wear black shoes with a brown top?

Mixing neutrals is all the rage in the fashion world right now. Really anything goes. If you are able to mix different neutral tones you create interest to your look and it also looks as though you really know what you are doing. As far as shoe color- no it does not need to match your outfit anymore. If you are wearing a black dress we would encourage you to break up the tones by wearing a cognac colored shoe. If you are wearing taupe tones we may encourage you to go for a pop of color with your shoe or to go for a black shoe.

How do I wear leggings?

Leggings are a comfortable and easy way to dress in the cooler months. The first and most important thing to keep in mind is that leggings are not pants. Leggings are a base and should be treated more like a pair of tights than a pair of jeans. What does this mean? That you should always create a base over the top of your leggings that covers your butt area. We sell great tanks that stretch nearly to the knees to help you create the perfect base to layer tunics over the top.

When to belt/how to belt?

We encourage belting of certain clothing that might have a lot of flow to it so they can create shape. Belting is a great way to create shape with any type of body. Generally if you are a petite gal we would recommend that you go for smaller belts- no more than two or three inches in diameter. If you go for a large thick belt this belt will take over your entire torso rather than show off your shape. If you are a curvy gal we recommend the thicker belts because with a skinny belt it might not highlight your curves as much as you like or it could even get lost in your curves.

How to wear booties?

Wearing booties are actually quite easy. They can be worn year-round with pretty much anything. You could wear them with a dress- just throw on a pair of tights. With jeans you can cuff your jeans up so it shows a small section of skin or you could cuff them so the jean sits right on top of the bootie. Another easy to wear booties is to wear boot socks. All you do is wear a boot sock over your skinny jeans and scrunch it down- you now have a completely different way to wear your booties. Play around and see which look you like the best! We wear ours in so many different ways.

How to wear tall boots?

Tall boots are often a question we get a lot in the shop. First step is to find a really great skinny jean that tucks into the boot without bunching up or anything. You can also wear tall boots with dresses or tunics for a cute look. Really anything goes with your tall boots as long as the pant/legging/tight is tucked in neatly. For a fun look you could wear a cuff or tall sock that peeks out of the top of the boot.

How to utilize your entire wardrobe year around?

So you bought a bunch of dresses in the summer and now you are upset because you think you can’t wear them in the winter too. Wrong. You can! Any dress you have in the summer can be worn in the fall and winter simply by creating a base and layering with thicker pieces. What does this mean? Take that floral chiffon dress you bought in the summer that is sleeveless. Now grab a pair of fleece leggings, a long favorite tank to layer on top, a cardigan sweater, and tall boots. You now have a winter look by using a summer dress. You can do this maxi dresses too! Just throw on a pair of tall boots and leggings and layer a sweater over the top. Some of the best pieces you can invest in for year around use would be a few neutral colored longer cardigan sweaters, vests, and belts. You won’t regret it. Still uncertain? Send us pictures or bring items in and we will show you how you can wear them year around.


How to spend less money on clothing?

Yes- you really can spend less money on clothing and create so many outfits! The key is buying things that can be worn year around. We recommend investing in a few staple pieces like a striped dress, neutral cardigan sweaters, vests, and some chiffon light-weight dresses or tunics. If you have staple pieces you can mix and match them with so many things in your closet. Check out this video to see how you can create a $1000 wardrobe for less than $300- really it can be done.

Do stripes make me look larger?

I’m just going to say it. Nope. They don’t. Stripes are an ultimate must. The only stripes that are a no-go would be vertical stripes. Which really do not flatter anyone. But a great horizontal stripe adds so much interest to any outfit. You can really use them for a base if you like to mix your prints as well too. A tip to pulling of stripes might be to break them up a little by adding a scarf or a long pendant necklace. Just try stripes- you might be surprised at how much you enjoy them!

How do I wear bold prints?

Loving a print but think it might be a little bit too much for you? Well a simple trick to breaking up a print is to add another layer over the top. What does this mean? If you find a top or a dress that you are loving but the print is way too much toss a vest over the top. It breaks up the pattern and adds another layer to the piece. Not into vests? Maybe a neutral colored cardigan sweater would be right for you. You could wear this as is or belt it to create shape. The last tip or trick that can be applied to wearing bold prints is to add a long pendant necklace or a neutral colored scarf. All of these items add that little pop of something solid to break up an otherwise bold pattern.

I’m pregnant- what do I wear?

Being pregnant is a tough time to try to be fashionable as your body continually grows. But believe me when I tell you that you can still be fashionable and pregnant. I am currently in week 37 of pregnancy and I have been able to not buy any maternity clothing. Here is the trick: Don’t buy anything you cannot wear later. What does that mean? I have only purchased items that are free flowing. I will buy flowy dresses or tunics and pair them with leggings or tights. You can also still wear your cardigan sweaters and vests. With tops that are button up- wear them now as more of a layering piece like a cardigan because chances are they are not going to button up anymore. Dresses are your best friends. If you are struggling- there are many moms that are also stylists in the shop that can help you find your pregnancy wardrobe for any time of year. Trust us.

How do I wear vests?

So you’ve been eyeing up some vests for fall but you don’t know how to wear them? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Use vests as you would a basic layering sweater. For example- if you have an olive vest you can wear your olive vest over prints that might have tones of olive throughout it. You could wear it over stripes. Really just treat it as a neutral base. If you have a vest bring it into the shop or send us a picture and we can show you some ways to wear it!

How do I wear boot socks?

The first thing you need to do is find your go-to skinny jean.  A jean that a sock can easily go up over. Once you find your perfect skinny jean an easy way to wear boot socks would be to just pull the sock up over the jean. You can then fold over the sock or you can scrunch it down. Both ways work. Another way you could wear a boot sock is to put your jean over your sock. Then cuff your jeans up a little so you can see the sock peeking out.

How do I wear a boot cuff?

Boot cuffs often look more intimidating than they really are. The key is to find that perfect skinny jean that can easily fit into the inside of your boot without it bunching up. Once you find that you simply put the cuff on over your jean- line it up so that just the cuff is showing at the top of your boot. There really is not specific way to wear it- you can have as much or as little of the cuff showing. You could scrunch your cuff down, fold it over or just have the top showing a little for some different looks.

How do I layer?

This is a great question to ask and one that so many women ask! It is way easier than it seems. Here is the secret: create a base. What does that mean? All of us stylists have something that we call our ‘catsuit.’ Basically that means that in the winter and fall you would have on tights/leggings and then a long favorite tank over the top of that that covers your butt. In the summer months this would be a pair of form-fitting high rise shorts and a long favorite tank to create that initial base. Once you have your base you can then grab a piece to go over it. Usually something that has a pattern to it- let's say a striped dress. We will create a fall look with our striped dress and layer over a great utility vest. Once you have your top layer think about adding an accessory- this could be a necklace or a scarf- your choice. So basically get your catsuit, find your first layer of a tunic or a dress, and then toss on your top layer which could be a vest, cardigan, or even a larger scarf. Add accessories and you are good to go. The concept is the same when you are layering with jeans and a top. Find a great tank- get your next layer of a patterned top- add something to go over it like a vest or a cardigan and then add your accessories! it is that easy.

What do I wear on a date?

Dates are often tough to dress for. The first question to ask yourself is where are you going and what will you be doing. If you are going to the fair you might want to dress cute and casual by wearing jeans, a plaid top, and some cute booties. If he is taking you to a fancy restaurant in the city you may want to go super classy and pull out that little black dress you have in your closet. If you are going to a local bar- maybe something casual with jeans but then you could add a dressy element by adding a heel. Also think about how your man’s style is. If it is first date you might not know what his style is like and you probably aren’t picking out his outfit so go by what he normally wears- if he is a carhart and camo type of guy, chances are you can get away with your casual jean look. If he is the type that wears suits daily then you might want to pull out your classy attire. We help gals find the perfect look for dates all the time. Come on in or send us a message- we would love to help you find the perfect look.

I’m in my 20’s- what should I wear?

Here at Ali J Boutique we believe that fashion and clothing is not geared towards a person of a certain age. If you like something you should wear it regardless of age. It’s all about personal style and comfort level.

I’m in  my 30’s- what should I wear?

Here at Ali J Boutique we believe that fashion and clothing is not geared towards a person of a certain age. If you like something you should wear it regardless of age. It’s all about personal style and comfort level.

I’m in my 40’s- what should I wear?

Here at Ali J Boutique we believe that fashion and clothing is not geared towards a person of a certain age. If you like something you should wear it regardless of age. It’s all about personal style and comfort level.

I’m in my 50’s- what should I wear?

Here at Ali J Boutique we believe that fashion and clothing is not geared towards a person of a certain age. If you like something you should wear it regardless of age. It’s all about personal style and comfort level.

I’m 60+- what should I wear?

Here at Ali J Boutique we believe that fashion and clothing is not geared towards a person of a certain age. If you like something you should wear it regardless of age. It’s all about personal style and comfort level.

Can I wear a maxi dress in the fall or winter?

Yes! You can. And here is how. All you need is a pair of fleece leggings, some boots (tall or short- it really doesn’t matter it is your choice), and a cardigan sweater. It’s all about the layers.

Can I wear scarves in the summer?

Yes! You can. We recommend that you put away your big chunky scarves and pull out more lightweight scarves. Any lightweight scarf can be worn throughout the summer and paired with anything that you would pair a scarf with in the winter.

Can I wear boots in the summer?

Absolutely you can. How? Well- pair them with your dresses! A boot with a dress in the summer is super cute.

How do I know if this fits?

An easy way to tell if a top fits you is to look at the shoulders. If the seam is lining up on the edge of your shoulder it fits you correctly. The rest is all depending on your height and shape. Maybe something might be a little too flowy for you or it might be a little bit too form fitting. A lot of times it just comes down to personal preference and what your shape is. The good news is that if you stop in or have a skype session with us we can tell you if something fits or not. And we will be honest about it.

I want to buy online but how do I know if it will work on me?

At Ali J Boutique we will tell you what size our models normally wear so you can really see how an item fits. We also encourage our customers to reach out to us about certain products. We will be honest with you if we think an item might not fit you correctly and we will help you find an item that will fit you. We believe in total honesty so that you are happiest with your product that you receive.

I love oversized cardigan sweaters.. but how do I wear them?

With oversized sweaters it all depends on your shape and height. If you are more petite you might want to look into wearing them belted to create shape and to maintain your shape in general. If you are a taller, more athletic person, you could just wear the oversized sweater as is. Play around with it and see what look you like better. In doubt? Send us a picture or stop on in!

Can I pull off that look?

Often times women say they like a specific look but they are unsure if they can ‘pull it off.’ Well we think you can. If you like something you should wear it! Don’t worry about others thoughts or if they think it is ‘you.’ If you like it- then it’s you and yes, you can pull it off.

My husband/friend/sister doesn’t like an outfit I purchased- what do I do?

We encourage each woman to dress for herself and not others. What does this mean? Well- if someone says they don’t like your outfit, that’s okay. Often times when you ask your husband if he likes something it would be like him asking you a question about something you might not have an interest in. Like maybe a computer issue or fishing or even a car. You are probably going to not be too into the conversation about the topic you know nothing about and might just throw out an answer for the sake of answering. Here at the shop we all have super encouraging wonderful signficant others- but we wear things all the time that they might not like. Like fur vests, and floral. But that is okay- they all identify that we are the fashion experts and they still feel great standing beside us in our ‘wookie like vests’ and ‘grandma floral.’ As far as friends and sisters not liking your outfit- that is a totally different ballpark. You dress for you and no one else can tell you that something is not ‘you’ or that you can’t pull off a certain look. If you have confidence and you like a look you should for surely go for it. You owe it to yourself.

Can I wear that color?

Either you are a warm toned gal or a cool toned gal. And that all depends on the coloring of your skin, hair and eyes. Usually you can tell if something makes you really shine or not. If you are ever in doubt a good trick to keep in mind is the ‘buffer.’ What does this mean? Well, maybe you really like olive tones but it doesn’t look great on you.. all you need is a scarf in a color that does look great on you up by your face to help you better wear the tone that doesn’t necessarily work on you. You can use a necklace to create the same kind of buffer effect. It works every time!

What colors look best on blondes?

This would depend on the coloring of your skin and eyes as well but generally tones of blue and cobalt look great on blondes. Coral or turquoise as well. Play around and see what works best on you. If in doubt you can stop into the shop and we will play around to decide which colors really bring out your coloring.

Which colors look best on brunettes?

Generally brunettes can pull off rich tones like olive, merlot, and black. Again this depends on your skin-tone and eye color as well. If in doubt stop into the shop so we can play to decide which colors flatter you the best.

What do i wear under a sheer dress?

We recommend creating a base for under dresses to make you feel more comfortable. In the summer this base would be form-fitting high waisted shorts and a favorite tank. The tank comes down nearly to the knees so it is like a dress in itself.  Once you have this great base you can throw you dress over the top and feel comfortable and confident about it.

How do I dress business-casual?

We recommend that you invest in some really great dark skinny jeans. The kind that look dressy and put-together. We carry a great brand called Judy Blue Jeans. Once you have that you can add semi-dressy tops with your dark jeans to create a look that is sure to wow. Adding in basic things like cardigan sweaters, printed scarves, and statement necklaces will help to add a bit of fun to your business casual wardrobe. We also recommend that you invest in a great mink colored bootie with a heel. This bootie can be worn with all shades and the fact that you are wearing a heel will add a bit of class to any otherwise casual outfit.

What to wear if you’re a mom on the go?

We recommend that you invest in pieces that are basics that can be worn with anything. Invest in things that can be worn with leggings or a pair of skinny jeans. If you have a great base then you can layer whatever you want over that. Then maybe some striped tops, a plaid, and a basic vest or cardigan. With those staple items you can add on some accessories like scarves or necklaces quickly to make your outfit put together while not spending a lot of time on them.

What to wear when I am nursing?

Easy comfortable items are going to work best for busy nursing moms. We think button down tops and zip-up’s work great. We also recommend our long favorite tanks that will help to create a nice base under your zip-up’s and button up tops. Fabric also plays a role in what might work for you. Maybe avoid fabrics that are binding or have to stretch to them like a chiffon type. Cotton and spandex blends are going to be comfortable and make nursing so much easier.

How do I dress for a corporate job?

When many think corporate they might think boring but it is really anything but. We would recommend investing in some key pieces that will add interest to your oufits like bold accessories and tops that have fun patterns. You can for surely layer your leopard print top under your black blazer and pants. If you invest in some pieces with pops of color or pattern as well as some classic pieces that can be worn over and over in different ways (think black or neutral colored bottoms and a variety of cardigan sweaters or blazers) you will have a great wardrobe for work.