When referring to her own body, Ali herself often says “It’s just a FACT,” meaning that it just is what it is at this moment in time. It doesn’t require emotion. It doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you!

When you take the feelings out of the FACT that your ( arms, thighs, stomach…insert your body part of choice) just are what they are right now, it’s freeing! It's subtle but it shifts your power. Then you can address the situation with better decision making and solutions. 

Try it next time you’re in the dressing room or even in your own closet tomorrow morning.

When you almost say, “I’m too fat.” INSTEAD try: “I won’t wear this because the FACT is, it’s too clingy around my (waist) and I don’t care for that.”

When you almost say,”My (arms) look terrible in this!” INSTEAD try: “In FACT, I would prefer something longer that cover my (arms).”

When you almost say, “My (butt) is too big!” INSTEAD try: “These just don’t look right for my (butt). It’s just a FACT.”

Then ask us what may be a better fit for sizing or a different recommendation for your shape. This is what we love to do! And THAT’s another FACT.