To start off, I want to share with you an incredible behind the scenes video from our most recent event, our “Rustic Luxe” Fashion Show!

The video sincerely portrays exactly how this day went down.  In an industry most notable for its cattiness and competition, we are daring to take the fashion field by storm.  With grace.  And kindness.  And love.

So why does an atmosphere of warmth and openness matter in a workplace?  First of all, we all know how it feels when we are at a job and have to walk on eggshells around people (strange phrase, isn’t it?).  There is so much less productivity, creativity, and encouragement.  Is this to say that we always agree?  Nope.  Not at all.  In fact, we each bring different perspectives to the table.  The key is truly in being willing to listen, and open to changing an idea or running with someone else’s to see how it goes.

The next key is to have an atmosphere where it is truly okay to fail.  Failures are just ways to learn that something doesn’t work- so we can check it off the list and move on.   It’s all good.

So why does this culture matter to you, our follower/customer?  Well, nice begets nice.  Warmth in the back room of the shop shows in the Showroom.  Stylists who are free to express themselves share their freedom of expression with you- and the results are truly there.

We hope you sense this same openness and warmth every single time you interact with us.  Whether online or in-store, we are inviting you into our unique tribe… powerful women using words that uplift and hands that uphold.

Gracefully yours,

The Ali J Stylists.