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3 Things, 2 Minutes, 1 Easier AM!

How many outfits did you try on this morning?

A few? Uh huh. We've been there too.

Sometimes that put-together style take can take planning the night before. Less than 2 minutes at night can buy you immense time in the morning to use your way. Imagine that you can hit snooze one more time, stop to get that coffee, be on time and then be welcomed home to a clean closet floor sans those discarded piles from your typical morning No's.

Want that?! Here's how:

1-) Check your weather app to decide what shoes to wear. Let's face it, the Fall transition is here and at some point sandals won't be the obvious choice. Flats, booties, boots?

2-) Then set out your clothes. If you really want to go the distance, try them on to double check you like the combo. Bonus seekers also stack up the bra and panties so they are ready post shower. Don't forget to peruse your accessories too! Pick one and go with it. Don't overthink it.

3-) Decide if you really need to wash your hair. This can buy you some time in the shower. Ask your hair stylist, your hair probably doesn't need washing EVERY day! So get on an every other day schedule and shave your legs the opposite days. Or not if you're planning to wear a maxi dress or pants... since you already have this planned and all...

With a little strategy your morning will go a whole lot smoother!